Don't act too surprised if you meet someone at an event and, upon exchanging businesscards, he gives you something special : a business card with AR (Augmented Reality).
We can design your very own AR business card. Once a special marker is added to your card, it is possible to hold it up in front of a webcam linked to the internet and not only your contact details be displayed , but you can event include extra content.
Pretty much anything you want. AR is moving fast. Get in touch with us via sales@izicards.eu to find out more.
Entertainment webmarketing.
Why not have more fun with our content driven web solutions.
Easy to use & quick to customize

In order to get more client satisfaction viral marketing and social media campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Linkedln are truly works of art these days. We deliver the tools and products you need in order to reach your goals.

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Izicards Project

As a company, you can use our Izicards system to both entertain and inform your prospects and clients We offer three kinds of business subscriptions. Copper, Silver and Gold. Keep you investment low with monthly subscriptions.

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A multitude of useful features

Curious what we hve to offer to you? Take a look at the amazing features such as, 3D photo face, text-to-speech, augmented reality (AR)) and avatar development. All in order to represent you and your message-and it's easy to use as you hoped it would be. Get in touch +31 (0)35 5250160.

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Hello there! This is IZC development! at your service - We offer many solution to create viral marketing campaigns that will put your company on the map. Do spent some time with us, we're confident that you will like what we have to offer!

IZC Develpment

Huizen - The Netherlands
Phone: +31 35 5259000
Email: development@izicards.com

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